How to Enable Private Browsing Mode on iPhone 6

Private Browsing is a function for the smartphone Safari web browser that will disables some regular tracking and data collection features which might be usual to many web browsers.

Using Private Browsing mode can blocks out web sites from inserting cookies on your iPhone 6. At the same time cookies may be used by websites keep track of site visitors for promotion functions, additionally they allow websites to remember user information that may be used to automatically log a user back in as soon as they go back to the website, or maybe auto-fill selected information.

enable private browsing mode on iphone 6

Guide to Enable Private Browsing Mode on iPhone 6

To activate private browsing mode on iOS 7 and iOS 8 device, head over to Safari and even press the actual tab button around the bottom-right on the screen. You will  now view a listing of all your open Safari tabs. Choose the “Private” button on the lower-left from the display screen and also tap that in order to activate Private Browsing mode on iPhone 6.

In the event that you see the dark grey user interface at the same time browsing websites, you’re in Private Browsing Mode . To exit Private Browsing mode, tap the tabs button again and deselect the Private button.

Some people might possibly will never need to enable Private Browsing mode, and cookies can frequently improve a user’s experience on the Web approximately they assist websites measure traffic. Even so for users who would like no track of their browsing session, Private Browsing mode could function a helpful benefit.

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