How to Taking Screenshot on iPhone 6

Nowadays, people can be absorbed greatly by their smart phone and we can make sure that people just want to do anything using their smart phone. People will do more than just communicating using their smartphone but they will also get great entertainment with the smartphone. The best communication and entertainment support can be found from the best smartphone such as iPhone 6. It is sure that there can be a time when people want to taking screenshot on iPhone 6. In fact, it can be done simply with some methods.

taking screenshot on iphone 6

Simple Steps to Taking Screenshot on iPhone 6

People can use the first method for taking the screenshot on your iPhone by pressing the home button and wake or sleep button for snapping. With this method, people are able to snap anything which is displayed on the iPhone 6 screen. The camera shutter will be heard when the screenshot is taken successfully. The screenshot picture will be saved automatically to the Camera Roll of iPhone 6. For checking the screenshot result, people only need to go to Camera roll on their smart phone. People can use it for anything from setting it as wallpaper or sharing it to other people.

People can also use the tool from third party for taking screenshot on iPhone 6. People just need to download and then install the iPhone/iPad recorder on their computer device. After launching it, the iPhone 6 should be set in the same Wi-Fi network with the computer. By opening control center on their smart phone, people will be able to tap on the ‘AirPlay’. On the list, they will find the computer name. They just need to tap on it and turn on the option of Mirroring. The projection of iPhone 6 screen can be found on the computer. They just need to tap on camera icon on the screen projection for taking screenshot.


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