How to Add Ringtones on iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S

iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s Plus is beautiful, but it can be a big headache on how to add ringtones on iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s. Most people use iTunes to convert a song as their iPhone ringtone, but the process is difficult and not too fast. Even it can be confusing for you. Besides, when you synchronize your iPhone with iTunes, it is possible to lose your date in the device.

add ringtones on iphone 6

Some Program To Get Ringtones to iPhone 6/6s

The most comprehensive iOS file manager is AnyTrans, which allows you to manage all ringtones on your devices at ease. It is possible for you to add, export, as well as delete any ringtones on your iPhone as you want. Besides, this program helps you keep the ringtone for 25 or 40 seconds, even the original length. Well, the program does not erase the previous content although you add the ringtones to your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s through your computer. Other things than ringtones are music, videos, notes, photos, contacts, apps, books, messages, and others.

Putting A Ringtone on iPhone 6/6s From Mac/PC with AnyTrans

Follow the steps below to get started using AnyTrans:

  1. Open the program and connect your device to the computer simultaneously. Open AnyTrans menu, select Preference, select General so you can set the length of the ringtones. On your PC, click AnyTrans icon on the left of the app to find the menu. From a Mac, the menu bar is on the top left of the computer screen, select AnyTrans.
  2. You just set the ringtones length, so you can scroll down and select Audi, select Ringtones on Categories page.
  3. Right after going to Ringtones Managing page, you can click “+” button on its top right menu bar, choose the songs on the computer, choose ‘Open’ to transfer the songs.

Those are the steps on how to add ringtones on iPhone 6. It also works for iPhone 6s Plus. In the end, we can say it is the quick and easy way to do to put ringtones on your devices by using AnyTrans. It is important to note that AnyTrans provides a free trial. It means you can upgrade it after paying the price around $39. After that, you can upgrade the lifetime freely, lifetime free support service as well. Now, it is possible for you to let your iPhone tells people about your favorite song as the ringtone.


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