What You Can Do with iPhone 6 General Settings

Many iPhone 6 users have not learned that a lot of things they can do only with general settings. If you are using a general setting, then you can set the basic functions for everyday use of your mobile phone. For those of you who will access the iPhone 6 general settings, then you must:

iphone 6 general settings

Go to Settings on the Home Screen and Tap General

In this article we will describe a variety of settings that you can see in the iPhone 6 general settings.

AboutGet information about downloaded content, apps, memory, the iPhone serial number and model, your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth addresses, support information, and legal and regulatory jargon.
Software UpdateUse this setting to check for available updates to iOS via iCloud.
SiriTurn the Siri personal assistant feature on or off, turn the “Hey, Siri” hands-free mode on or off, set the language, voice gender, and Contacts card to be used, and choose whether Voice Feedback always on or on only when in hands-free mode.
Spotlight SearchAccess settings for what types of content the iPhone Spotlight Search feature returns in search results.
Handoff & Suggested AppsActivate the Handoff feature, which allows you to start an activity such as composing an email on one iOS device and picking up where you left off on another compatible iOS device or Mac.
Car PlayIf you have a car that supports the Car Play feature, use this setting to make a connection with it.
AccessibilitySet features for using an iPhone for people with visual, hearing, or dexterity challenges.
Storage & iCloud UsageCheck the items that are backed up to iCloud, manage local storage used by apps, and buy additional storage. Also turn on the display in the status bar for indicating the percentage of your battery power available and get battery usage information.
Background App RefreshTurning this on allows apps that you specify to refresh their content when you’re accessing a Wi-Fi or cellular connection. Turning these off can save on battery life.
Auto-LockSet the amount of time for inactivity at which iPhone automatically locks the screen.
RestrictionsSet restrictions on Safari and iTunes, as well as restrict installation of applications and location services. Specify allowed content for music, podcasts, movies, TV shows and apps.
Date & TimeChoose 24-hour time and a time zone and set the correct date and time.
KeyboardSet keyboard correction features such as Auto-Capitalization and Check Spelling.
Language & RegionSpecify the language for onscreen information and keyboards. Choose a region format for date, time, currency, and phone numbers.
iTunes Wi-Fi SyncSync wirelessly with a copy of iTunes on a nearby computer when connected to a Wi-Fi network.
VPNConfigure and turn on and off virtual private networks (VPN).
RegulatoryHere you find all the regulatory organization with which your iPhone is in compliance
ResetReset all settings or selected settings, such as network or keyboard, to factory defaults.

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