Awesome Tips to Using Siri on iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

People will be delighted with various kinds of great specification which can be found on iPhone 6. It is flagship smartphone by Apple so people surely will have high expectation about great things which can be done by this device. It is sure that people can find Siri as great feature which can be found on iPhone 6. Nevertheless, there are some tips for using Siri on iPhone 6 which people maybe do not know yet but they should know it. It is necessary for using these tips if people want to get the better experience on using iPhone 6.

siri on iphone 6

Guide to Use Siri on iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

At first, users actually are able to guide Siri for pronounce specific words. People must admit that Siri becomes the smart and useful feature as personal assistant as well as knowledge navigator. It is able to answer the question from the users in real time. However, people can find mispronounced words or even misunderstanding of the question when they use Siri. This circumstance can be negated with simple trick. People only need to say ‘That is not how you pronounce’ after the responds come from Siri after certain question. The error will be corrected and people can choose the alternative words from the list which is revealed.

Siri can also be used as the central platform of entertainment. It is not only smart personal assistant because it can also be used as a host for the online services which are added. People can use it as effective support for entertainment platform which can be accessed centrally. They are able to use it for checking the latest scores of their favorite sport game for instance. They are also able to access the cinema listing in real time. Of course they need to enable the location services from the smart phone setting especially the Privacy setting.


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